Master The Skills Of Start A Blog And Be Successful

To start a blog you need a few things-

  • Blog Niche – simply means create a blog on one particular topic in which you are excel.
  • Domain Name – is simply the address where Internet users can access your website. For Example – My blog domain name is –
  • Web Hosting – the physical location of your website on the Internet.
  • Set up your blog using WordPress ( is the tool to create your website). It is also called a blogging content management system tool.
  • Choose a theme for your blog.
  • Start Writing.
  • Integrate your website with social media platforms.
  • Monetize your blog with Adsense to make money.

The best three niches to start a blog is Health, Wealth and Relationship. Everything revolves around it.

Select Domain Name for your blog

  • Pick a domain name that is associate with the niche of your blog.
  • It identifies the goal of your blog.
  • Pick a shorter domain name – not more than 15 words.
  • Pick a .com domain if you want to target the global audience. If you want to target a particular country audience then pick others like for the United Kingdom, .in for India, .ca for Canada.
  • Don’t buy a domain name that contains numbers or hyphen.

You can simply buy a domain name from or or etc.

Select Web Hosting for your blog and install WordPress

There are tons of web hosting companies out there like,,,,,,,,

Choose your web hosting wisely because at the beginning of blogging you don’t face any problem but when your blog starts to grow you face many problems like low site speed, server down, DNS problems, etc. If you think of migrating to other web hosting platforms you will also lose your audience.

So choose the right platform if you want to excel in blogging.

If you are new to the blogging platform then start with or It’s a great platform to start your blogging career and explore the WordPress platform.

Their prices are much cheaper and provide good services as compared to other hosting providers. Once you gain good experience with the Bluehost or A2 Hosting platform then move your blog to is recommended by since 2005.

You will also get –

  • FREE Domain Name for 1st Year.
  • FREE SSL Certificate Included.
  • 1-Click WordPress Install.
  • 30-days Money Back guarantee. and are the best Web Hosting companies out there.

Kinsta is too much costly. Once you become a pro-blogger and receive a large amount of blog traffic then go for Kinsta.

Kinsta provides free SSL and CDN (content delivery network) services. CDN main function is to load your website content much faster than the normal speed time and protect your website against cyber attacks.

Otherwise, is the best option among all of them because-

  • Provides content delivery network (CDN) services at very cheaper prices.
  • Managed Cloud Hosting Platform.
  • It provides faster site speeds.
  • It provides the best services at cheaper prices.
  • Excellent Support team.
  • Provides free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) – it is simply the site locker that converts your domain from HTTP to HTTPS. You don’t need to buy domain privacy at the time of purchasing a domain. It will simply save your money. Otherwise, you have to pay yearly fees for domain privacy.
  • You can host unlimited websites on all plans.

Analyzing the WordPress Dashboard

wordpress dashboard
  • Posts – In the Posts section, you can create new posts for your blog. Posts are not static. When posts are getting older they get into the archive folder of your blog posts. Posts changes according to date and time.
  • Media – Anything you add to your posts whether images or videos going into the media section.
  • Pages – Pages are static. For example – every website contains about us, contact us, privacy policy pages because they are mandatory for your website and always reflect on the front end of the website. They don’t change according to date and time.
  • Appearance – In the appearance section you can find themes for your blog. WordPress provides unlimited free themes for your blog. First, try your hands on the free theme and then go with paid themes because free themes contain limited features compared to paid themes. Plus free themes don’t provide any support and services if some error occurs in your theme.

Top 11 Best sources for premium themes –

  • Plugins – Install only important plugins for your WordPress blog. Plugins add new features and functionality to your WordPress blog.

Mandatory Plugins for your WordPress blog –

  • Akismet Anti-Spam – This plugin is already installed in your WordPress blog. It protects your blog from spam comments that look genuine. You have to activate it.
  • Yoast SEO – This plugin helps in search engine optimization including on-page content analysis, XML sitemaps, and much more.
  • WP Smush – Helps in image optimization by reducing the file size of the image so that your website works faster.
  • JetPack – Helps in brute force attack protection, unlimited static file hosting, lazy loading images (helps in loading your WordPress website faster), automated social media posting, etc.
  • Users – In the user’s section, you can add new users to your WordPress blog with limited access.
  • Tools – This section contains import, export, site health, export personal data and erases personal data. Through the import tool, you can import posts or comments from other systems. You also import posts from an RSS feed and much more. Through the export tool, you can export your all data on the site to your computer.
  • Settings – You can use settings according to your needs. In the settings section, you can find Permalinks. Permalinks are essential to creating SEO (search engine optimization) friendly URL. Click on the permalinks, you can find custom structure where you have to type /%postname%/ in the text box and click save. After that, you have to select the post name, so that your post contains a friendly URL which is easily readable by Google.
permalinks seo

Integrate your website with Social Media Platform-

You have to link your website with different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. By leveraging the power of social media you can drive to your blog. Traffic is an essential part of blogging to make money from the blog. You can also use a platform like Quora, Telegram, and Whatsapp to Drive Traffic.

How to Make Money From Your Blog

  • In order to make money from your blog, you need some good blog posts.
  • After that, you can submit your website URL to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tool so that your site gets indexed in the google and bing search engine.
  • In order to get Adsense approval, you need some important pages on your website. About us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Contact Us are mandatory pages for your website to get Adsense approval.
  • After you get approval, you can run ads on your blog.
  • After that, you need only traffic for your blog. When visitors come to your blog and clicks on any Google Ads, you can make money.


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