Google Analytics and Google Search Console: Explanation and Set up

What is Google Analytics and Google Search Console?

Google remains ubiquitous in web usage for its incomparable analytics and search capabilities for a competitive edge in your niche. The Google Analytics (GA) and Google Search Console (GSC) are such concepts to understand and incorporate in your site.

Google Search Console is a monitoring platform enabling you to see how Google views your site freely, allowing for optimization of its organic presence. It affords you insight into your referring domains, the performance of mobile websites, rich search results, and the pages with the highest traffic.

On the other hand, Google Analytics is an analytical tool providing site owners with a visual of their site’s traffic status. It allows for an in-depth analysis of your website and or app to identify its performance. For those using multiple Google tools, it is an excellent choice as it integrates seamlessly with all Google marketing products such as Google Ads and Data Studio.

Why you need Google Analytics and Google Search Console?

In-depth analysis is what Google Analytics offers, resulting in a lot of data that requires a significant investment of time and effort to interpret and formulate a course of action. It is thus perfect for those seeking more than the face value of their site performance. It affords you a comprehensive diagnosis of the site allowing for a greater understanding of the fundamentals. You can thus identify trends and opportunities you can explore to boost traffic flow and increase your web presence.

With Google Analytics, you gain more insight in your app and or website hence enabling you to answer such questions as:

  • Which websites draw traffic to my site?
  • Which marketing techniques contribute the most to my website traffic?
  • What is my conversion rate of visitors to leads or customers?
  • What is the source of my conversions, and what are their preferences on my website?
  • How many visitors does my website have?
  • Where are my visitors located? and,
  • Is there a need for a mobile-friendly website?

Google Search Console is an essential tool for enhancing success in search results regardless of your level of web expertise. By studying metrics such as search queries, website errors, and click-through rates, you familiarize yourself with your website appearance to web users. It provides an opportunity to optimize SEO following your site’s performance on search keywords and phrases.

Google Search Console lends you crucial information on your website and the visitors it attracts. You further gain insight on other vital aspects such as;

  • How many visitors your site has?
  • What directs the visitors to your website?
  • Through which devices is your website being accessed? and,
  • What pages draw the most traffic to your website?

Google Search Console further enables you to identify the underlying website errors allowing you to fix them. It also provides for the submission of a sitemap, creation, and examination of a robot’s report of the website performance for free.

Difference between the Google Analytics and Google Search Console:

Google Analytics is a more diagnostic tool providing customized data flexibly and objectively. At the same time, Google Search Console is more subjective in its approach providing highlighting areas of concern and suggesting opportunities for improvement.

Google Search Console is more SEO driven with a clear focus on ranking and optimization and how site owners can improve their web visibility and presence in the SERP (search engine results page). On the other hand, Google Analytics is user-oriented with the data provided relating to website visitors and their interaction with the site.

How to connect the website with Google Analytics?

  • In order to connect your WordPress website with Google Analytics you need an active Gmail account.
  • First Login into your Gmail Account and then go to Google Analytics.
  • Login into Google Analytics with the same credentials of Gmail account i.e. provide your email name and password.
  • After you login to Google Analytics it will show you set up for free.
01 google analytics sign up
  • In the Account name field you can type any name and then click on the Next button.
02 google analytics set up
  • The next screen shows three options but we go with the first one because we only have to connect our website with Google Analytics and then click next.
03 google analytics measure
  • In the website name field, you have to provide your website name. In the website URL field, you have to provide your website URL. If your website is “https” then change from the drop-down menu “http” to “https”. You have to select your industry and then click the Create button.
04 google analytics property setup
  • Then you have to accept the Google Analytics Terms of Agreement.
05 google analytics service agreement
  • After that website tracking code appear. Just copy that Google Analytics code and paste it into the Header of your WordPress website. There are tons of plugin available in WordPress simply add a plugin by typing in the search box “insert header and footer”. Simply paste that code in the header section of that plugin. So finally Google Analytics linked with your website.
06 copy google analytics code

How to connect the website with Google Search Console?

  • In order to connect your WordPress website with Google Search Console you need an active Gmail account.
  • First Login into your Gmail Account and then go to Google Search Console.
  • After that click on the start now button.
gsc start now
  • Two options available, verification by domain or URL prefix. I can choose the domain mode. Type your domain name in the required section and then click continue.
gsc domain mode
  • In order to verify your domain ownership you have to copy this code and enter into the Manage DNS section of your domain provider by editing the DNS record. After that you have click on verify.
gsc verification
  • Below is the screen shot of manage DNS record from You have to add the google code in the form of TXT record as shown below. Google Search Console take some time to verify your domain ownership.
text record
  • After you click verify a pop up will appear and it show ownership auto verified. After that click on “Go To Property”.
gsp autoverified 1
  • Ultimately, your website added to the Google Search Console.
gsp dashboard

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