23 Actionable Tips On Drive Traffic To Blog

You can have a great blog with good content and a blog that is visually appealing.

The blog can load quickly and have everything that is needed for a good page.

This is great but it does not mean anything if visitors cannot find it.

A person must get visitors to come to their blog and make their blog visitors come.

These are some proven ways to get traffic to the blog and allow it to rank higher in search engines.

Provide Answers on Quora:


This site is useful when you are looking to get traffic to your website.

You will need to create an account but this will only take a couple of minutes.

You can then search the site for questions that people have been asking.

You should search for the topics that are related to your blog.

You can then answer the questions based on the information that you know and the information that you have posted.

When a person reads your answer they can also find the link back to your blog for additional information.

It is showing that you know your content and that you are an authority on this information and topic.

You can also create your topic. If you are answer questions that are already posted all you need to do is hit the answer button and type in the information along with the blog link for additional content and information.

This site also has marketing tips to help increase your reach and attract new people.

You can also do this on other sites where people are asking questions and are allowing people to post the answers.

Facebook Groups:

You can join a Facebook groups related to the content that you are posting.

There are many groups on Facebook that you should be able to find one without a problem.

You can share your content on this group and provide information back to your blog where users can find other information and read more about the things that you have written.

You do need to follow the rules of this group but as long as you do this you should have no problem posting content and using a backlink to your blog.

You users can also share the content with others on their page. You need to make sure that your content is of high quality.

No one wants to read spam so it is important to put your best work on this site and show what you can do.



This is a large online community and has many active users.

If you post on this site you can increase the traffic level that reaches your blog.

This site has something for just about every topic and niche and can be very useful when it comes to promoting your content.

Some tools can be used to help you such as TrackReddit to see how many people are finding your blog and how your articles are performing.

You should be a member of this site and you must post the same high-quality content that you want your readers to find on your blog.

You should not use a fake account. This can hurt your ranking and visitors may see your site as a scam instead of a site that has authority.

Online Communities:

Posting online communities can help you generate a lot of traffic to your site.

These communities include groups on social media sites such as Facebook and Slack channels.

You can find these groups by searching related content and then you can share a blog on this site.

Be sure to include the backlink so that visitors can find more information on your blog and you will get more traffic.

Use Medium:


Medium is a website that will suggest artists based on the habits of their visitors.

You can post a blog on this site and they will suggest it to the people that are interested in that topic and those that are most like to read it.

This site will then send the traffic back to your website.

If a reader likes the information that you posted they will have access to the link and will be able to go back to your site.

You will find an audience and they will be able to find out more information that you posted.

This site will also allow you to see the stats and the people that are reading your article and the content that they are the most interested in.

Use of Email Marketing:

Email marketing can help reach people and drive them to the website.

When a person goes to your site they should have the option to subscribe to your email newsletter.

When you do this you are sending them updates and they will want to come and see your site to find out the new information.

The email should come to the point and should have a call to action.

It is important to have a share button so the email and the content can be shared with others on social media sites.

Do not send too many emails as this will annoy the visitor and they will just delete them.

It is important to have a good template that can be viewed using a mobile device such as a smartphone.

Check Out Free Online Workshop:

Invite Guest Bloggers:

When you are blogging you may want to have guest posts from some others that have found blogging success.

While you may have some great content for your site the content that others are posting can be useful to and offer some new information from your visitors.

You should ask a person to post a high-quality guest article on your site.

This will allow you to have some new content and you will be able to help others out too.

Blogger Outreach Promotion:

This process will allow you to look for blogs that have similar content and then send them an email.

You should include the benefits and features of your site, any products or services that you are offering, and related information that makes your site great and will make them stand out.

You can reach out to other bloggers. You should look for bloggers that have posted similar content or have posted on social media about this content.

You should then get in touch with them about sharing some of your content.

You should then reach out over email and show how your site can also benefit their blog.

This will help them see that it is a situation where both parties will win and that you will help promote their blog and your blog at the same time.

Write Guests Posts:

When writing a guest post for another site be sure to post a backlink to your site.

Many sites will agree to this as long as you are posting high-quality content and useful information on their site.

They will exchange the content for a backlink.

When you are posting backlinks this will help increase your brand awareness and will allow more people to find your website.

There are some ways to find sites that will allow you to post content on them.

You need to look for sites and blogs that are related to the content on your blog.

Visitors are going to want content that is relevant so you should post on sites that are related.

You can find related sites by doing a Google search. The search will provide information on blogs and websites that are looking for guest writers to put content on their sites.

You can then use this information to determine if it is a good fit for you and get your content out there online.

guest post

In the above image, in the google search bar, we have type blogging intitle:”write for us”. You can change the blogging keyword with any other keyword related to your niche and you can also change the intitle depending on your need.

For Example:

  • Keyword intitle:”write for me”.
  • Keyword intitle:”contribute guest post”.
  • Keyword intitle:”find the guest post” etc.

Use Aggregate Sites:

A content aggregator site will not create its content. They will take the content from sites around the internet and will compose it into one location.

This will give users the chance to find a lot of information in one place.

Publishers will be able to allow people to see their content and they will be able to offer more information on their website.

If a visitor is looking for more information about a topic they will be able to go to your website and find additional content and information that they may be looking for.

Linkedin groups, Reddit, and Facebook groups are some good places to put this information and it will reach more people.

These social media sites will also have share options so even more people will be able to see your content.

Other content aggregator sites are-

Improve and Upgrade Content:

To get the email for marketing and to drive visitors back to the site they should be given something in return for providing this email address.

People like to get things for free. One great way to get people to sign up to the email list or to come back to the site is to give them something free that they are looking for.

You have to know what your visitors want and what they will come back for. There are some things that visitors are interested in.

They may come back to look at cheat sheets and hacks that will make their life easier.

They may want guides and information on how to do something. Ebooks are popular. There are free courses that visitors will like. They can learn new information and it will show that you are an authority on this information and this content.

Expert Posts:

When a visitor is reading a post they want to make sure it is coming from someone with authority and someone that will offer them additional information.

They want to see what the experts are saying.

One way to do this is to use quotes from experts on the subject and find a way to put them into the blog.

You should give credit to the person that originated the quote and using their name and title will only benefit your blog.

The experts on the subject will be sharing their information with people. Quotes and expert material perform well online.

This will attract visitors because they are looking for information from the professionals and they will continue to come back to your site for tips and additional information.

Try the Skyscraper:

This is a marketing technique and it will help find backlinks that are of better quality.

It will help your blog makes its way across the internet on sites that you will be able to use.

You should use some internet tools to find content that already has a lot of backlinks and social media or other shares.

Once you looked at this content you need to create something similar yet better.

You can add more up to date information, you can add some visuals to it, and you can expand on the information that is already there.

You are not coping with this information but you are making it better.

You should then ask for the links from the original post and show them how you improved upon this content.

You can offer to add a link to their post in all of the places that you post this content.

This approach is common and sharing the links both people will win.

This is more common than you may think and it is worth improving the content and asking for additional permission to use it.

Merging Similar Posts:

If the blog posts are covering similar topics and are using the same keyword they should be put together in one post.

This will allow them to perform better on the search engines and it will also look better on the website.

This will make the post stronger and will allow readers to get more value out of the information they are looking at.

You can use information from previous posts and add them to the new post to keep things fresh.

Improve Prewritten Blogs:

You may have older blogs on your site that are not being read.

They may be well written but they may have gotten pushed to the back and no one can see them.

There may be plenty of blogs in the archives and there are ways to make this content interesting and will help give it new life.

The posts can be improved by updating this information, adding images, increasing the word count, shortening the paragraphs, and adding bullets, and in some cases, they can be published again and used as new posts with the added content.

Write Better Headlines:

Headlines are very important for the blog.

This is the first thing that a visitor will see and they must be engaging and appealing.

The headline has to get the attention of the visitors and make them want to read more.

A headline analyzer can be used to help.

You should also avoid jargon, use powerful words, and measure the click rate based on the headline.

Content for Influencers:

Most companies are turning to influencers to bring attention to their blog and share their content.

To find influencers it is important to make content that is appealing to them and their interest.

Influencers can be found online and the content should relate to a common theme that these people know a lot about.

Put Content on Other Channels:

There are ways to reuse the content on other sites that will bring visitors to the blog.

Youtube is a great way to post content.

Social media and slide shows can also be used.

Videos including podcasts can be put online and the same information in the blog can be used to create this.

Plan Out Content:

When it comes to bringing traffic to your site consistency is important.

This will help keep the visitors coming back and will show that you are an authority in the search results.

If the blogs are posted regularly people will know when to come back to the site to read the new content.

A content calendar can help plan out the posts and in which order they should be published in that will be the most logical.

Publish More Click Through Content:

Numbered lists and headlines are easy to read and will get the attention of the visitors.

The number format and the headlines make it easy for visitors to scan through it.

They are easy to scan and the brain will become engaged.

The list can bring traffic to the site and will get people to read the information that is being posted.

They will be able to scan and this is something that most people feel is important.

The easier the content is to read the more visitors will engage with it.

Long Form Content:

While there no magic number of words that the content has to be it should be long enough to answer the question or explain the topic fully.

In most cases, longer content is needed. Longer content usually ranks higher than short content.

Longer content usually gets more shares on social media than short content.

This content is often able to be relevant and answer questions. The content will be able to turn the visitor into a customer since they will have the information they need to make an informed decision.

This will allow them to know that the answers are complete and they will not have to go somewhere else on the internet to find additional information.

Evergreen Content:

Evergreen content is information that will be relevant for a long time after it was published.

The content should educate the reader, be interesting, help show that you are an authority on the information, and it should attract new links.

It cannot be just based on current events but information that can stand the test of time.

You will be able to share your knowledge with people and your information will be able to stand up to the test of time.

This will be useful no matter what is going on and people will have a source where they can find the information that they need.

Write Useful Content:

Anyone can put words on a blog but these words need to have some value to the reader.

To determine if the content is useful you need to see if it answers a question that a visitor may have and contain information that is useful to them.

When people have a question they turn to Google.

Google will provide sites that will answer these questions.

It helps to use keyword research tools to help see what questions are being asked and how they relate to the blog.

You can do some research on the keywords that are being asked and make sure the word count can answer the question.

The blog should be edited for grammatical mistakes. The topic should be interesting and something that people will want to find out more about.


These are 23 ways that you can increase the traffic to your blog.

You need to show that you are an authority and that you can post high-quality content that people are going to want to read.

It may take a little time and a little work to get your blog out there.

Once you have put in this time and your blog sees more traffic you can increase the chance of turning visitors into customers.

You may also be able to make a residual income on your blog by posting information that you know well and want to share with others.

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