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5 Best Email Marketing Software and Email Automation Tools for Sales Promotion

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing your business in our digital era.

Email marketing is a perfect way of increasing your traffic to your site as well as increasing the conversion rate.

Using email marketing will help you to send various emails to your customers and subscribers in a short time.

Otherwise, if you could have done this manually, you would have spent a lot of time.

Various marketing tools are available in the market to help you improve your business performance. However, it is difficult to identify the effective ones.

Here is a list of the most effective email marketing tools that you can use for your business.


AWeber is a marketing tool that operates by tagging subscribers, depending on their activities.

The software can send any content that the user is looking for without any special coding.

Besides, subscribers are the ones controlling the program by using readymade templates, which you can customize them to suit you.

The drag and drop features of the software add to the simplicity and fastness of the program.

AWeber marketing tool also allows its users to connect their lists of emails with other software like Facebook, PayPal, Word press, and Shopify.

AWeber also has the email autoresponder feature, which allows bloggers to solidify their relationships with their subscribers.

This program has simplified email marketing to the extent that it is effortless.

Bloggers can also build landing pages for their websites since AWeber offers them with landing page builder tools. You can use to improve the client base of your business and maintain a strong relationship with them.

When you subscribe to AWeber, you will be given thirty days of the free trial before you start paying for your subscription.


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Among the highly reputable email automation software, is GetResponse.

This program is designed to help business people and bloggers use email marketing comfortably because it is less complicated.

It is software that is compatible with most of the social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook.

It is also compatible with the payment processors such as PayPal and Amazon payments.

The landing page conversion feature of the program allows you to grow your client base.

It is also software that allows you to create engaging emails that will improve your relationship with your subscribers.

The capabilities and functionality of the program are amazing.

Subscribers can also receive all-time assistance in case of any problems they encounter while using the software.

During the process of email creation, there is an extensive library of videos that will show you how to go about the software.




When you are running a small business or a start-up, you can expand it using ConvertKit marketing too.

This email marketing tool has a simple layout that makes it easy to use as it does not need technical skills to operate.

It has many inbuilt features that will help you to create newsletters in a few minutes and send them to your subscribers.

It is called the ConvertKit because you can use it to convert the visitors of your website into long term subscribers and let them enjoy your services.

You are also able to improve the traffic to your website. ConvertKit uses tags depending on the user’s activities to make all this possible.

The event spot feature helps the users in planning their events appropriately if he holds events regularly.

You can also manage your images using the image management feature, which entails the lightweight image library function.



MailChimp is one of the best email marketing tools that you can use for your small business.

Bloggers and website owners mainly use it because it is easy to use the software.

Over one million emails are sent in one day using the MailChimp tool.

The good thing about this marketing tool is that it keeps on evolving. You will keep on getting updates on its features. It is integrated with all social media platforms.

Users can have the option of selecting template sizes based on their needs.

Some of the advanced marketing features that the program has included contact segmenting, app and service integration, email autoresponders, A/B testing time-zone based sending.

The software also provides its users with an array of educational resources, and the support team is always ready to assist.



This comprehensive email marketing tool can help your business grow exponentially by increasing the number of clients and selling more products.

The tool can help its users to send emails effectively, and can the user can achieve all this from one location.

It comes with various templates; therefore, the user has a variety of options to select. It is up to the subscriber to select that template that will help him in satisfying his/her need.

Moreover, the software can also collect emails from your mobile phone, Facebook, and your website.

ConstantContact makes any campaign effective, and it is a perfect email marketing tool.

The program also offers you a monthly free trial after registering with the website.

The support team is always available to offers assistance whenever necessary.

You can see your email analytics using this software, as well as managing your images.

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Why Aweber is Right for You?

For you to stay competitive in our modern world of technology, you need to use modern methods of marketing to win the customers.

Among the contemporary ways of marketing is email marketing.

AWeber is the best tool to use because it comes with various advantages as compared to the other email marketing tools.

The free 30 days offer provides all features compared to other platforms that provide limited features after registration is among the main reasons that make AWeber the better option.

Another main reason is with every AWeber account, you get unlimited landing pages. Build video pages, lead magnet pages, sales pages, and more!

The software also has the best autoresponder tools, which allow you to send emails with a certain time with high deliverability and less bounce back rate.

The good thing is that you can customize the feature.

AWeber also improves professionals by providing you with classic signup templates and forms.

The fact that you can integrate it with the entire WordPress Mailing list Plugins, makes it a perfect tool for your business.

If you are a lover of analytics, then AWeber provides you with email analytics. Verily, AWeber is the best marketing tool to use.

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