A2 Web Hosting Review: Best Hosting

A2 Web Hosting Review:

A2 Web Hosting Company is an outstanding web hosting service provider. It is leading other providers because of its enormous features. This provider comes with the most impressive packages and great customer service. The uptime is terrific and the service cannot disappoint you. This company provides a WordPress plan and its services are the best even though the price is relatively higher. They do not offer a Windows server option. It is good you know this before approaching them for their services.


This company provides a wide range of web hosting services. You can get any kind of web hosting arrangement you want from them and they can hardly disappoint.

Shared Web Hosting Service:

a2 web hosting shared hosting plan

This hosting arrangement is good for those who do not have plenty of money to go through around. Shared hosting simply means that your site will be hosted on the same server as other websites. These sites share the cost and, in the process, reduces the cost of hosting per individual customer. This is cheaper but because of the quality services A2 Web Hosting company provides, you will enjoy the high-end services. It is not the most powerful. Because you share with other sites on the same server, it can be slow. You may not get the best or optimum service from a shared web hosting service. If you are a beginner, you can easily start with this web hosting arrangement. With time you can upgrade to a better hosting arrangement which will cost more.

Presently the company provides three levels of Linux-based shared web hosting arrangement. These include the ‘Startup‘, and the second is ‘Drive‘ and the third is ‘Turbo‘. The cost of these hosting levels is not the same. The basic is Startup and the cost starts from the sum of $8.99 per month. The plan is good because they provide their customers with 100 GB SSD Storage as well as monthly data transfer. You will be allowed to host one website on this plan.

The second arrangement is Drive and the cost of this commences from $11.99 monthly. It has an advantage over Startup because you enjoy unlimited email addresses as well as domains in addition to unlimited storage.

The highest of the Linux shared hosting plan is the Turbo. The price starts from $19.99 monthly and it is better than the two plans because it presents you with preconfigured site caching as well as faster loading.

VPS Web Hosting Arrangement:

Just like the shared hosting arrangement, the company also offers Linux based VPS packages. VPS is almost the same thing as shared web hosting because they all involve placing several sites on one server. The only difference is that resources are available to each of the sites on the server which is not the case with shared hosting.

a2 web hosting unmanged vps

The cost of this web hosting arrangement varies. For those intending to use unmanaged VPS, the cost could begin from $5.99 monthly. This is meant for professionals who have trained IT staff to manage things for them. It has a scanted or small baseline and the available storage space is just 1 GB of RAM. The plan also involves 2 TB monthly transfers of data as well as 150 GB of storage space. If you want to take this kind of hosting arrangement the company allows you to indicate that.

There is also the Elite tier and the total RAM as well as storage space can reach 8 GB and 150GB NVMe respectively. A2 equally makes it possible to choose unmanaged offerings with up to 4TB monthly transfers of data as well as 32 GB RAM and 150GB NVMe storage space and so on.

managed vps a2 hosting

Another VPS hosting plan available with the company is the Managed VPS. The cost of this hosting arrangement can start from $45.99 monthly and this offers a base power as a plan that consists of 4 GB RAM and 150 GB storage space. It makes for up to 2 TB data transfers monthly. The top tier pinnacle arrangement from the company can offer you 32 GB RAM as well as 450 GB NVMe of storage space and monthly data transfers worth 4TB. One of the benefits of this plan is that it comes with the Host Guard management service. You allow them to manage all the under the hood happenings.

Dedicated Web Hosting Arrangement:

dedicated web hosting

The most powerful hosting platform offered by the company is dedicated web hosting. Your server is completely on its own as it does not share servers with any other site. Because of the efficacy and speed, this can offer the best in terms of traffic. If you want to get the best hosting arrangement then you can think of the dedicated web hosting arrangement. It is by far the best you can get from this company.

The company is well prepared for this plan and its well-powered Linux servers for this hosting arrangement. This is also the most expensive and the cost starts from $169.99 for the managed monthly platform. If you want to reduce the cost you can opt for the unmanaged which starts from $119.99 monthly. The core flex hosting arrangement can cost $169.99 monthly. The servers here can boast of 8GB of RAM as well as 10TB monthly data transfers and two 500GB hard drives.

A2 Web Hosting company also offers Cloud Web Hosting plan. This is the most innovative hosting arrangement and it is quite different from what you get in the conventional web hosting arrangement.

It seems to be cost-effective because it can spread resources across different servers. The difference between this form and the tradition is that the traditional method concentrates all actions in just one server. The company provides many tiers of cloud hosting. This arrangement is available in its Linux hosting arrangement. Outside Linux, you cannot find it.

The cost varies starting from $5 monthly and this offers 512 MB RAM as well as 20GB of storage and 2TB of data transfers monthly. The second arrangement here is the Mid plan the cost for this starts from $10 monthly and the storage space available is up to 1GB Ram as well as 30 GB ram respectively. The most expensive here is the elite plan which can cost the sum of $15 monthly and the storage space can reach 50GB.

Use of WordPress Route:

If you are looking for the best web hosting arrangement then you can opt for this site because they are the best when it comes to WordPress hosting. The best WordPress hosting arrangement can be found in its three Linux based hosting plans which include Lite, Swift as well as Turbo. These are the cheapest. They also offer a more expensive WordPress hosting arrangement. Many people prefer A2 WordPress because the environment is more friendly for that. Its page can load faster than others and it is at least six times faster than others including the traditional hosting.

A2 WordPress can boast of unlimited storage as well as different data transfers to each tier of their plan. They find a way of dealing with uptime issues.

Reselling Web Hosting:

If you are interested in web reselling and you are looking for a provider to work with, you can conveniently join the A2. Here they also provide for different plans the basic starts from the sum of $19.99 monthly. The arrangement comes with unlimited email as well as 200GB storage and 2000GB data transfers monthly. For this, the company provides a mix of Linux based server. This is available in the shared arrangement as well as dedicated and VPS categories and so on. Besides the company makes it possible for you to customize your server. Most importantly, when you have issues with the plan the company is always there to help out since they offer 24/7 support. This is one of the reasons many people choose this company.

Ecommerce and Site Security:

For those who plan to convert their sites as a marketplace, A2 offers them that. They have available different tools that can help its clients used their platform to launch an eCommerce business. The company makes available to your different open cart. Here are some of the places you can get the OpenCart and they include PrestaShop, AbanteCart, OpenCart as well as other tools which you require to build your online store.

The site setup is easy and it is a question of one click and you are ready to start. To create a store, it comes with all the necessary platforms.

When it comes to the eCommerce site security, the provider ensures that the site is well protected and that is why they offer a Secure Socket Layer certificate. Every information going on between the site and customer is encrypted and it will not be intercepted by any third party. To ensure that the site is protected the company provides SSL protection and this starts at $49.95 yearly. You are secured with this since it boasts of 256-bit encryption.

Wonderful Uptime:

When selecting a web company, there are several factors to consider to make the best choice. One of the key features to look out for is uptime. Uptime means the length of time it would be up and running. Customers looking for your site to do business with you must see the site anytime online. If the site is always down, it is going to be counterproductive because it can damage your business.

Because of that, you must choose a company that guarantees uptime for your site. Anytime who comes to the site must see it functional to do business with them. The company can boast of the best uptime for their customers. This means that it can assist you to do your business very well. If you are looking for a solid website you can rely on that cannot disappoint you. You get the best when you engage their services.

Customer Service and Support:

Another important factor that should not lack in any web hosting provider is effective customer service and support. The company is known to be the be very effective on this and they engage the services. Whenever you need any kind of help from the company, they are ready to provide them to you. They are available 24/7 to assist you with all your queries.

Whether you are having an issue in the middle of the night if you contact them you are sure of getting help from them.

Various A2 Plans:

Most of the plans the company offers to its customers are suitable for developers. If you are a developer you can comfortably choose any of the plans offered by the company such as the unmanaged VPS plans as well as the dedicated servers especially those with root access. The reseller option is also good for developers. This is because it makes it possible for you to have admin-level access to the server.

If you are engaged in content management, the web hosting company offers the best for you because the platform is compatible with major content management platforms. Some of the content management systems that you can use this with include the following:

WordPress, Joomla, Magento, as well as Drupal, and so on. In the same way, it is easy to install CMS using this platform and it is just a click of the mouse you can do it. You may not even require assistance from anybody to accomplish that.

Perhaps the most outstanding attribute of using the platform is the website builder. It has its website builder. This is user friendly and novice can easily start from that. If you want to use the site builder, you should know that it comes with a price. The cost is not the same. You must bear it at the back of your mind should you decide to opt for it.

It is already said that the system makes for cloud hosting. The system is compatible with Cloudflare CDN. This is great for those with great files. It makes such larger files easy to store without disturbing the server. It can load fast and faster than other systems.

Site Migration:

The system also makes it easy to migrate from another site to its platform. If you were using another web hosting company and you want to change services, it is extremely easy to do. It is a question of a click of the button and everything will begin to work. Perhaps the greatest attribute of the site migration is that they do not charge you for that. They do it free at a time others could be charging up to one hundred dollars for the migration.

To transfer your site to A2 all you need to do is to contact customer support. The migration arrangement depends on the plan you select. You can select from any of the plans discussed above and move your site to the platform. To do that migration, you must provide them the cPanel information and everything will move smoothly. If you do not provide them the information, you may be required to make payment for that extra work.

Environmentally Friendly:

The other thing that sets the site apart from others is that A2 is environmentally friendly. It is carbon neutral and this is regarded as green hosting in the industry. To ensure that every site that they host is carbon neutral, the company is currently working in collaboration with

If you are interested in the environment, you can consider this as a deal-breaker and you can work with a hosting company that cares about the environment. This is one of the things that stand them apart from other providers out there. Many people like this such that they regard it as a great marketing strategy for their businesses. Businesses that are interested in environmentally friendly hosting will always look for this hosting company because they are the leaders when it comes to this kind of web hosting.

There are certain considerations that you must bear at the back of your mind when you want to use this company for your hosting services. You can also consider these are the downsides.

High Renewal Rates:

The renewal and promotional rates charged by the company seemed to be on the high side. This is not peculiar with the A2 Web Hosting Company. It has become the industry standard and this company implements it as well. You should know that the renewal rate could be expensive. The price is not static it keeps changing. Even though you get quality services from the company, you should not expect that the prices will be at the same rate. The best way of getting the reduced hosting rate is by choosing a 3-year hosting plan from the company irrespective of any plan of your choice. When you make that bulk purchase, the cost would be cheaper and you can save in the process.

You should also know about their renewal policy. The company makes it a policy not to contact you when your site is due for renewal. It will renew automatically and that means there will charge on your credit card. If you do not want the renewal to be automatic, then you have to contact them at least fifteen days before the renewal period.

If you do not want to contact them through email, you can also contact them through the customer portal.

Chances are there that you might forget about contacting when you are purchasing a three years plan. If you fail to contact them you will be forced to renew it at the cost.

Pros of A2 Web Hosting:

  • The best WordPress hosting and you are sure of the robust hosting arrangement.
  • Wonderful customer support, you get help when you need it from the company.
  • Offers the best uptime, and this means that your site will be up and running most of the time.
  • They make for refund policy where you do not like the service, they provide.

Cons of A2 Web Hosting:

  • There is no Windows server option for Windows lovers.
  • Automatic renewal feature which is expensive.


It is obvious from the reviews above that this is the best web hosting company. This comes with everything you need. The site is up at all times and they provide the friendliest customer service. The services might be expensive but when it comes to quality, there is hardly any other company that compares with them. If you want to host your website with confidence then you can always consider an A2 Web Hosting company. They have an edge over others.

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