Traffic Secrets Book Review

The Traffic Secrets book by Russell Brunson has undoubtedly made a significant impact despite being published on the 17th of March 2020. You can get the book for free at including a lot of cool bonuses. What has created such a buzz for this book seems to be the question on everybody’s mind. I just had to get the book because let’s face it, I need traffic.

Why traffic?

Online businesses are growing and everyone is looking to take advantage of this fact. Sales funnels need the traffic to ensure that a business gets to function effectively and make the projected profits. Without the traffic, a business rarely survives. The main sources of traffic right now are SEO, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Google ads and Facebook groups. But what if all these big marketing platforms seized working today? Which businesses will still have traffic?

If you haven’t thought about this scenario, then let me give you some time for the idea to sink in your mind. You must learn how to cushion yourself for such extreme situations. You need to start learning how to bring quality traffic to your business. This involves using various sources that create leads.

Does everyone need more traffic?

ClickFunnels CEO, Russell Brunson, has always provided traffic secrets membership courses for a while now. However, his decision to publish the Traffic Secrets book comes as a blessing to most individuals. Let me give you a secret, the book is nothing like the membership courses. If you loved the membership courses, then the book will open up your mind to brand new possibilities and opportunities.

In this detailed Traffic Secrets review, we are going to cover the following aspects:

  • What is this popular Traffic Secrets?
  • Who created Traffic Secrets?
  • How much does the Traffic Secrets book cost?
  • What is entailed in the traffic secrets course?
  • Final verdict.

What is this popular Traffic Secrets?

Traffic Secrets is a detailed book that was created to aid you in getting more traffic into your funnels and website. It is the latest book by Russell that outlines the proven strategies on how one can drive traffic to their sales funnel.

According to Russell Brunson, the book contains the simple process used to get Millions of people to their website every month. He goes further on to state that the strategies are quite simple and any company can easily have it implemented. So, what are these traffic secrets? Well, only one to find out – get the book.

Who created Traffic Secrets?

Although the book is written by Russell, the Traffic Secrets course was created by John Reese originally. Where have you heard the name John Reese before? Simple, he is the record-setting legendary online marketer who made $1 million in just 18 hours.

John Reese’s achievement revolutionized how people viewed the capability of traffic and the revenues that you can generate. Achieving this record isn’t as simple as it looks, but why not start by acquiring the Traffic Secrets book.

Russell looked at these numbers and decided to purchase the rights to the entire course for a whopping $1 million. The book, therefore, contains what Russell has learned over the next 2 years on increasing traffic and wants to share with you.

How much does the Traffic Secrets book cost?

At the moment the book is completely FREE and all you need to do is pay for shipping. International shipping is about $19.95 while residents of the US have shipping fees of $9.95. However, as expected there are certain upsells including the audiobook, live event, box set, and funnel tracking software.

The prices are well stipulated on the website which means you get to choose what option works best for you. However, what I can guarantee is that the price is a bargain considering what you get in return. The different packages ensure that everyone gets what they want which I found to be very well-structured.

What entailed in the Traffic Secrets course?

The Traffic Secrets course entails a lot of different strategies that have been sub-divided into 24 modules for easy understanding. It is an extensive course that covers almost everything that you need to know about generating traffic.

All the modules are, however, priced differently with the cheapest at $47 and the most expensive at $247. The good news is that you get to a glimpse of what the module contains right from the name. You can, therefore, decide whether or not your business can benefit from the module without making a purchase.

For example, module 3 is titled ‘Copywriting Secrets’. Right from the name you can deduce that it’s a module dedicated solely to copywriter. And you would be right because it breakdowns everything about copywriting including how to generate and create a marketing copy. Now, what if, your business hires a copywriter? Then there is no need to learn how to make a good market copy. The copywriter should handle that for you. If you are such a business, then you might consider skipping on module 3.

Now, my advice would be to get all the Traffic Secret courses, why? All the different modules relate in one way or another. When you take a step back and look at the modules, you will realize that they all relate and even crossover at some points.

Final verdict:

I have my copy of Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson and I strongly recommend that you get one too. The book is a must-have for anyone who wants to generate maximum profits from their online businesses. Like I stated before, traffic is everything in business and you just can’t survive without it. You may be getting adequate traffic right now, but there we all need more. The more traffic you get, the more leads you will have, and finally the more sales. Get the Traffic Secrets book today and growth for your business will be limitless. Don’t take my word for it, start reading and make money online.

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