Cloudways Web Hosting Review 2021

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting service provider. They remove the stress of maintaining a server. The experts at the company handle everything to allow you to run your website comfortably. The company is based in Malta, where it has been serving customers since 2011. In 2016 they revamped their site to name it Cloudways2.0.

They are among the best-managed hosting service providers where you will get to pay as you go. You only have to pay for the services you need. For instance, you may like to improve your eCommerce site; in such a case, the company allows you to buy additional resources such as bandwidth when you only need them. Their scalable services make them the best service providers if you would like to access more services.

Services offered by Cloudways:

Cloudways Dashboard

You can access a wide range of services after you login. Customers can add servers from Amazon web services, Google cloud platform, Digital Ocean, Vultr, among other platforms that provide server services. The company makes it easy to set up servers based on the disk space you choose. They support a wide range of content management systems. For instance, you can work with them to have managed services from content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, PHP, Laravel, OpenCart, PrestaShop.

E-commerce Cloud Platforms:

It is the Best Web Hosting Company that allows people to set up online stores. You can get a free migration from your previous service providers to theirs. You can as well let them build an eCommerce site on the supported CMS’s. You will get notification about server status, upgrades, and backups. You can as well get tips and recommendations about your server requirements. They are highly reliable service providers who work perfectly to allow you to enjoy the best server operations.

Cloudways CDN:

Cloudways CDN

You can add more speed to your site by purchasing the content delivery network. They have Cloudways CDN that can speed up your site load time. They have high server speeds, but you can still make your website faster by adding the server speed. The services are affordable, making them preferred by many users. Their CDN cost and integration start at $1 per 25 GB of the bandwidth. You will access free guides to help you integrate the CDN on all major CMSs.

Staging and Command-Line Access:

The platform comes with an inbuilt staging platform that allows you to develop a new code, then move it to a new test environment. You can create additional staging areas so that you can test your code before you can deploy it. You can as well access command line access via SSH, but you will not have root access due to security measures. They make it easy to create a code in a safe environment, after which you can easily deploy it.

Easy to use Control Panel and Infrastructure:

The Managed Cloud Hosting comes with a modern control panel. It allows you to add applications to the server at any time. You only have to let the server run, and you will be free to add as many apps as you wish. It is easy to configure the control panel where you will get to basic input information such as application name, server identity, and the application type.

Wide range of Supported Applications:

Managed Cloud Hosting

The platform supports a wide range of apps. You will face restrictions when dealing with custom-built apps, but in general, you will have a wide range of applications on the platform. It is a highly reliable platform you can count on to serve you perfectly.

SSL Certificates:

Cloudways SSL Certificate

You can install an SSL certificate free of charge. It is easy to install the SSL certificate via their interference. You may like to have your SSL certificate; in such a case, you will have to install it on your website. The company takes security measures seriously. They are among the few service providers who are dedicated to making it easy for you to realize the highest level of safety as you run your applications.

Reliable Customer Support:

The company offers reliable support. You can reach them via live chat, tickets and phone call. They support team is available at all times. You can call them on any day of the week, and they will respond fast to sort your issue. There are a lot of tutorials you can as well follow to get the problem solved fast. They are among the best service providers who are dedicated to making things easy for you. Their hosting problems and solutions section solves most issues you may like them to handle.

The platform is active on all social media platforms. You can reach them via any social media channel, and the experts will be quick to solve your issues. Their knowledgebase blog makes it easy to understand most of the services they offer.

Cloudways Pricing:

Cloudways Pricing
Cloudways wordpress pricing

There are four pricing levels. You will choose your pricing levels based on your given needs. The different pricing levels vary based on factors such as the storage, processor, RAM, and monthly bandwidth. The pricing is based on the pay as you go basis. You will not have to enter contracts; you will pay every month when you need the services.

You can pay for the services via PayPal or credit cards.

Cloudways Pros:

Cloudways Pros

Several factors make them preferable. Here are some of the benefits of using the platform in your hosting services:

Intuitive and simple UI:

The platform is easy to use. Even those who are getting started, you will never get stuck. The platform is built in such a way it makes it easy to get started. Even with low technical skills, it is easy to get started.

Easy server set up:

The platform is very fast. It will take you a few minutes to set up the server. When compared to other service providers, they stand out as the quickest service providers so far.

Highly reliable:

The platform assures users up to 99.999% uptime. You will find a highly reliable service provider to allow your eCommerce platform to remain online to serve customers at all times.


You will pay as you go. Even if you do not have money at a given time, you will pay for the resources when you need them. It is an affordable option because there are no binding contracts that can expose you to exploitations.


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