SEMrush Vs. Other SEO Tools

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, has gained prominence in today’s business industry.

SEO can help you achieve better financial results and boost your performance.

There is a wide range of free SEO tools for you to choose from according to your preference.

In this article, we dive into SEMrush, SEMrush vs other seo tools to help you in decision making when it comes to selecting the best search engine optimization tool.

With the growth of new trends such as the rise of voice search, it is crucial to stay afloat by enhancing your SEO game.


SEMrush is among the most powerful SEO tool in the market.

It performs several tasks such as doing your keyword, runs an SEO audit of your blog, tracking the keyword strategy adopted by your competition, and backlinking opportunities, among others.

In use by a vast number of businesses, SEMrush is a trusted SEO and is linked to major companies such as Forbes, Philips, and PayPal, just to mention a few.

Among the most important tasks it performs, SEMrush also helps you with your content marketing for effective creation and distribution of content.


Features Of SEMrush:

SEMrush is recognized globally as the best digital tool. It has features such as-

🟒 Keyword Analyzer Tool– the tool lets you examine selected keywords of your choice. With this feature, you can divide the keyword for further analysis, export them, and send it to other tools.

🟒 Position tracking tool– this tool lets you track your keywords. You can get updates on how you are ranking against your competitors.

🟒 Organic Research Tool– this tool gives you knowledge on the keywords you and your competitors are ranking for.

🟒 Competition Analysis– SEMrush lets you monitor your competitors with ease. Thus, you can conduct an in-depth analysis of their strategies and use them to your advantage.

🟒 Link Building– You can access your competitor’s backlink information.

🟒 PPC Advertising Insight– SEMrush lets you have a look at your competitors’ campaigns regarding paid keywords and use this information to your advantage.

🟒 Improved Content Marketing– SEMrush allows you to optimize your content marketing. With its content analyzer feature, you can monitor the social performance and content of the SEO. It also has an SEO Writing Assistant feature that helps you in the optimization of your content targeting your keywords. Plus, you can check for plagiarism.

🟒 Integrated Social Media– SEMrush gives you access to your social media. You can, therefore, include social media marketing to advertise your site. Also, you can supervise your brand reputations, mentions, and interactions.

🟒 Easy-to-Understand Reports– SEMrush allows you to organize your reports and customize them with ease.

🟒 Ad Builder– this tool lets you access creative Ad ideas. You can use them for templates and rebuild responsive HTML ads.

Moz Pro:

Moz Pro is among the pioneers of Search Engine Optimization.

It is a powerful SEO tool that performs activities such as crawling, web page optimization, and keyword management.

Its key features include keyword explorer, link explorer, and rank tracker.

Moz Pro has redesigned crawling in the SEO scene.

It is a preferred choice even for users that have other SEO tools due to its respected metrics.

moz pro

With Moz Pro you can:

🟒 Track your rankings.

🟒 Optimize your pages.

🟒 You can optimize your pages, letting you set your priorities right.

🟒 Understanding your visitors.

🟒 Create custom reports.


  • Besides generating standard industry-metrics, Moz Pro offers suggestions for on-page optimization.
  • It is a powerful SEO tool.


  • Some users find the depth and range of features overwhelming.
  • User experience is not intuitive compared to the competition.

SEO PowerSuite:

This is also one of the best SEO tools.

This software performs an array of tasks such as; it generates more traffic and sales with the aid of its unique analytic insight. As a result, PowerSuit lets you pick the most valuable SEO tool for your business.

This SEO tool also saves you time by speeding your SEO ten times.

You can also conduct lots of SEO tasks on autopilot without having to be necessarily present.

This is the SEO you need if you want to run top-class professional SEO to keep your clients coming back.

Also, this tool is ideal for reporting SEO to clients and in working with big sets.

seo powersuite

Advantages of using SEO PowerSuite include:

🟒 Deeper link analysis– it helps you to identify, monitor, conduct analysis, and compare data. It has the broadest backlink index on the web with more than fifty backlink factors to analyze. The tool also presents new link-building opportunities and provides convenient link data management.

🟒 Accurate Rank Monitoring– with this tool, you don’t need to check your site’s position in search engines continually. SEO PowerSuite lets you sit back as it does this job precisely for you.

🟒 Powerful Keyword Search– SEO PowerSuite helps you to find profitable, traffic-generating keywords and provides traffic statistics and bounce rates for every keyword.

Raven Tools:

Raven tools let you audit any site, manage all your link building efforts, and conduct all your backlink research, and track all your keywords.

This SEO tool also helps you research any keyword and every competitor.

With raven, you can report anything from SEO to PPC to social media, Email Marketing, call tracking, and so on.

raven tools

Features of Raven Tools:

🟒 Competitor analysis.

🟒 Google Analytics Integration.

🟒 Link Management.

🟒 Keyword tracking.

🟒 User Management.

Raven tools is, therefore, ideal for brands using Facebook or Instagram for advertising.

It is the marketing solution for businesses of all sizes in broadcasting personal messages on Facebook to respond to comments, increase sales, and much more.


  • It is a useful resource for client reporting.
  • Valid for working through technical terms.


  • A limited number of properties to search according to the account you have.
  • It has a slowed down rate of new features. It feels a bit neglected in terms of new features.

Screaming Frog:

The screaming frog SEO spider tool allows you to crawl the web site’s URL to audit and analyze both technical and online SEO.

It can be used to crawl both vast and small websites because checking every webpage can be tedious or near impossible.

On top of this, it allows you to export key onsite SEO elements such as page title, meta description, and so on to a spreadsheet.

screaming frog

Some of the data collected in a crawl include:

🟒 Blocked URLs– with this tool, you can view audit URLs excluded by the robots txt protocol.

🟒 External links– it enables you to view all external links, their source pages, and status codes.

🟒 Errors– you can identify client errors, such as server errors and broken links.

🟒 Duplicate pages– with the help of an algorithmic check. This tool helps you to discover exact duplicate pages available.

🟒 Protocols– you can discover insecure pages, insecure elements such as canonicals, and mixed content issues.

🟒 Blocked Resources– with this tool, you can view, and also audit blocked resources in rendering mode.

🟒 Redirects– you can also access temporary, permanent, JavaScript redirects and meta refreshes.

🟒 Custom Source Code Search– it enables you to find whatever you want in the source code of a website such as Google Analytics Code, specific text, and so on.

🟒 Custom extraction– you may scrape any data from the HTML of a URL using CSS path selectors or regex.


Serpstat is a complete marketing intelligence tool that covers Rank Tracking, backlink analysis, keyword research, competitor analysis, and SEO-audit.

It is used for in-depth competitor analysis and building advertising campaigns.


What are the Uses of Serpstat?

🟒 Track your daily ranking together with changes in your competitor’s positions.

🟒 Backlink research– the data available on the domain’s link profiler can help you to identify toxic backlinks or to find linking opportunities when you are researching a competitor.

🟒 It is ideal for collecting paid keywords and profitable organic keywords of competitors to adopt them in your SEO and advertising.

🟒 It has a detailed domain or URL analysis against a range of ranking factors. The data returned will give you access to issues that may negatively impact your search visibility.

What can Serpstat do?

🟒 Project set up– with Serpstat you can set up projects for every website you are handling. What you need to do is to click on add new project and proceed input the details such as website URL and name of the project.

🟒 Position Tracking– with this feature, you can be on toes when it comes to issues such as fluctuations, ranking, and algorithm updates.

🟒 Competitor Analysis-you can monitor your competitors through search graphs, organic search, and advertisements. This helps you to rate your performance against your competitors.

🟒 Rank Tracker-Serpstat has the rank tracker feature that gives you an in-depth view of the positions of your keywords.

Serpstat is a tool that proves that a tool may be simple in design and purpose, whereas being fully competent at the same time.

Netpeak Software:

Netpeak software is an SEO tool that performs tasks such as comparing large numbers of URLs, in-depth analysis of the website, evaluation of website’s quality for link building.

It is also ideal for scraping of website data, checking the website for changes, and getting full site structure among other functions.

netpeak software


Ahrefs are the new kid in the block when it comes to SEO tools.

If you are an SEO expert, you will find Ahrefs sort of liberating. This is because the tool is quite deep and has so many features to explore. It is, however, stressful for beginners owing to its dense nature. The tool is, therefore, perfect if you know with certainty what you want and determined to achieve.

Ahrefs is an SEO software that contains look essential for link building, rank tracking, competitor analysis, and site audits.


Unique Features of Ahrefs SEO Plugin:

We are going to focus on the unique features of Ahrefs, they include-

🟒 Content Audit– it combines data from your Google Analytics account together with the backlink index then gives you necessary recommendations on how you can improve your content to get more search traffic.

🟒 Backlink Index– Ahrefs has the broadest index of live backlinks in the world. It is continuously updated every half hour. The backlink index is used to calculate Ahrefs Rank, the URL rating, and Domain rating.

🟒 Google Analytics Integration– this tool analyses your traffic and conversion data to show you what you need to do next so you can take practical steps so you can get more traffic. Ahrefs SEO is also fast and easy to set up and configure in less than five minutes.


Majestic is often classified in the all-inclusive category with Moz Pro, Ahrefs, and SEMrush.

However, majestic is an SEO tool that typically does one thing. Its specialty is in backlinks only.

Majestic can be classified as a complementing tool for other SEO tools rather than competing with them.


Pros of Majestic:

  • A vast backlinking index about twenty years.
  • Numerous domain and backlink comparison tools.
  • Metrics such as Trust and citation flow.
  • It is the most extensive crawler of all SEO tools.
  • It has many reporting options.
  • Fast retrieval of information.


Majestic as an SEO tool lacks the following-

  • Content tool.
  • New pricing plans which are limiting to users.
  • Has no integration with Google Analytics.
  • Technical suggestions or on-page SEO audits.
  • It does not allow for rank or position tracking.

It is imperative to note that unlike other SEO tools, majestic does not provide keyword volume and estimated keyword searches.


This is a high performing SEO and keyword research tool that is easy to use. It can successfully boost your search rankings.

Spyfu allows you to spy on your rivals by identifying the keywords your competitors purchase for online advertisements and pinpointing the phrases or words that generate high traffic.

The tool provides competitive analysis for things such as; PPC campaigns, backlinks, and search engine rankings.

SpyFu is one of the widely known names in the SEO game because of its excellent reporting, deep feature set, and reliable support for digital marketing and advertising.



  • Interactive reporting and paid advertising metrics.
  • Avails a wide range of search and management tools in an affordable price range.
  • Unlimited search results and can track offers and backlinks ongoing site monitoring.


  • Ad metrics may be quite complicated for SEO beginners.
  • Has no web-wide crawling.

SE Ranking:

SE Ranking is also a top-class SEO tool that has the following features-

🟒 Backlink Checking and Auditing– with this SEO, you can monitor and control all of your backlinks. The SEO management software avails vital parameters for each link.

🟒 Deep Website Audit– the stronghold of this tool is the powerful module intended to push your website ranking into the ten most searched results by identifying and eliminating on-page vulnerabilities.

🟒 Backlink Monitoring and Checking– this tool allows you to monitor and control all your backlinks.

se ranking


  • Analysis of competitors.
  • Shared access.
  • Backlink monitoring.
  • An extensive number of keywords available for tracking.


  • It is expensive because you have to pay a full year for their lowest plan.
  • The interface loads relatively slowly.
  • Also lack some depth and do not have an equal amount of statistics as other tools.

Reasons why SEMrush is the Best SEO tool:

SEMrush is the best SEO tool and is used by a large percentage of successful bloggers and business owners for the following reasons-

🟒 Comprehensive Social Media– SEMrush has social media incorporated within its overall SEO and content management build. This feature helps you to analyze data from diverse online platforms such as blogs, websites, micro-blogs, and so on.

🟒 Improves SEO Performance– SEMrush lets you audit your sites for issues like broken internal links, broken internal images, and broken files. It also checks for issues such as HTTPS migration issues and crawlability.

🟒 Identifying High-Performance Keywords– producing a proper content strategy can be difficult. This tool lets you identify keywords that can make you competitive in terms of visibility. It also recommends niches and topics that could be beneficial to you. SEMrush saves you time.

Because of the above-listed features, SEMrush is recommended as the best Search Engine Optimization tool according to Interactive Marketing Awards. You need to consider giving it a try if you want to make your online marketing easy.

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