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15 Reasons You Should Fall In Love With One Funnel Away Challenge: Review

What Is One Funnel Away Challenge?

One Funnel Away Challenge is an online learning platform held within four weeks to help one build a million-dollar generating sales funnel.

Russell Brunson, Stephen Larsen, and Julie Stoian will hold your hand to challenge you to complete daily tasks and launch your first sales funnel.

OFA Challenge Coach

They will help you to create, structure, launch, and market your products or services to clients who are willing to pay. The challenge provides every resource one may need to perfect sales.

15 Reasons You Should Fall In Love With One Funnel Away Challenge:

OFA Challenge

šŸŸ  Participants will have direct access to a membership area of a dedicated community where they get to interact with other people taking the challenge to get motivated to complete each day’s coaching session.

šŸŸ  The kit contains a book of the 550-page 30-day challenge, a workbook, and an audio device pre-loaded with learning material. In addition, the kit contains a paper with a summary of tasks and challenges one will have complete during the month training session. The kit will reveal plans and strategies of a top recipient of the two clubs. The audio player will help you listen to the challenge while jogging in the morning or running other errands.

šŸŸ  Russell Brunson is being a co-founder of ClickFunnels and a strategist will give instruction in the day by day video to members of the challenge. You will get an opportunity to gain the right mindset and strategy behind the funnel buildings and tricks on how to make everything work. He will also share how to create an offer and why it is essential to succeed in the selling of funnel. The plan will better your understanding and picture how others have reached the two comma club.

šŸŸ  Lessons will not only cover affiliate marketing but also to every aspect of a business. The coach will help you find value for your business by proving top-notch instructions and content. The challenge is what one may need to propel your business to the next level.

šŸŸ  The book challenge: It is a physical bound copy designed to give 30 days worthy task on how to generate a perfect sales funnel for your business. A spiral-bound will present you with an opportunity to brainstorm your ideas.

šŸŸ  30-day summit: The summit provides you clarity as it opens your eyes to possibilities of a well-tuned funnel. It gives answers after an in-depth interview with those who answered the question of what you would do in 30 days if you lose everything suddenly.

šŸŸ  The Audio player: The player contains an audio recording of Russell Brunson’s daily training. The tapes make a quality book that will help you know what you need to become the next big name. Besides, it will have a digital product that will include access to an exclusive Facebook group where only members of the 30 days funnel challenge have access too.

šŸŸ  With only $100, you will have access to digital coaching material, challenge kit, workbooks, bonuses, and extra training within the learning sessions. Paying $19.95 within the United States and $29.95 outside the United States, you will get the package to your location.

šŸŸ  The simplicity of the challenge will make it easy for anyone to understand. The step by step plan will help you feel productive with the ability to transform your business or idea within 30 days. The pre-training section will help to build confidence, believe, and the right mindset in yourself.

šŸŸ  The challenge is hosted by within Funnel Hacker community, which is a members-only platform. One can interact directly with other OFA members who will create accountability to complete a daily mission.

šŸŸ  The spread of the challenge is within five weeks. They dedicate the first week is for pre-training. They will help you get the right mindset for the problem. After a successful pre-training, the following four weeks, you will receive the rest of the lessons via mail. With some assignments which will help you to put what you have learned into practice, it is advisable not to skip any experience as they build on each other. Below is one funnel away challenge dashboard.

One Funnel Away Challenge Dashboard

šŸŸ  After pre-training, they will teach you to offer hacking and lead generation. This session will immerse you in in-depth training on how to carry out smart, quick research on Facebook. You will learn how to spy on their ads. Implementation of this strategy will have a great shot up on your business. The lost art of the visual will help you dealt with the importance of creating captive visuals that will stand.

šŸŸ  The epiphany bridge will guide you on how to incorporate creative stories into your business. People will connect better with you based on your accounts. You will learn the need to create a bonus stack for every offer if you want to focus on its affiliate program. You will get a 100 percent refund should you decide to send back your challenge kit within 30 days after purchase.

šŸŸ  One funnel away has an affiliate program with a 100 percent commission. If you decide to promote it, you will need to sell a single course to regain your investment. The challenge is great for people who want to sell their products and services, those who are seeking to be successful in affiliate marketing. The lessons are to boost any online business and selling of affiliate products.

šŸŸ  The course will require an hour’s dedication, at least daily. The time will immensely contribute to improving marketing knowledge, understanding of conversation optimization, and funnels. You will be required to implement the knowledge you gain. You will need to invest 100 dollars in improving your business. Although the program suits those who wish to sell their products and services, you won’t be required to have any. The lesson will offer associates too.

OFA Bonuses


This One Funnel Away Challenge review finds the challenge as one of the best teaching platforms for ClickFunnels right now. To benefit from the program, you need three things, to begin with, you have to have a decent dominance of the information which you will learn all through the test. Also, build up the vital abilities as you experience the exercises and improve your certainty. Ultimately, put the information and the skills enthusiastically and do what you excel.

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