ClickMagick Review 2021: The Best Click Tracking Software

What is ClickMagick?

Tracking your leads is very important in determining whether your business is thriving or not.

By knowing whether you are getting more customers, you’ll be able to see if you should change your marketing methods or keep using the same ones.

The success of internet marketers is based on this concept, and the availability of various tools online makes it easier for you to manage this.

One of those tools is ClickMagick, which is not only loved for its diverse features. But also for its ease of use.

Clickmagick is an online resource that can be used by business owners and marketers alike. The tracking software can be used to track the number of clicks you get as well as how your ads are performing to give you reports on the areas you need to make improvements on. It does this by focusing on various aspects of your website, such as sales, payment methods, page designs, and price points, among others.

This tool has many amazing features that make it the best link tracking software that is very useful, but you have to know how to implement them correctly to get the most out of them.

clickmagic features
clickmagick features review

Cross Tracking:

Most people use different devices to browse with a majority using mobile devices and laptops interchangeably. This can make it very difficult to keep track of their activities, but this software makes the tracking process simpler. With this feature, you can optimize and scale your performance more accurately.

Split Testing:

Split testing is essential in every online business, but most online tools don’t have those features, which makes it very difficult for users to get it right. The links have to be tested separately, and you can specify the percentage of traffic you want to be used on each link. Using the tool to achieve this is very easy. Once you have picked the two links, you enter the traffic percentage then copy the tracking pixel code onto your pages. The pages will be configured then the results displayed separately.

Click Rotators:

This feature ensures that the tool splits the traffic to various links. It does this by randomly distributing those links or having a mobile user’s separate links. The feature makes the tool great for email marketing, affiliate offers, and ad co-ops. The different types of rotators use several factors, such as time, type of device, and location, among others.

Advanced Retargeting:

This feature can help you increase your conversions by adding retargeting pixel codes to improve sales. It allows you to make your offers more exposed to reach a wider client base. You also don’t have to use the link directly on your links. You can copy the code to any of your tracking links. But you have to ensure that the link has been tested and used correctly before.

Automatic Filtering:

Bots have become very popular in the online marketing industry. Their danger levels differ, with some of them being harmless and others being very dangerous. Both types can interfere with your statistics and, in turn, your budget. You can automatically filter these bots and even delete them using the ClickMagick tool.

Traffic Quality Analysis:

The quality of your traffic also shows whether you are getting a real result or not. If the traffic has poor quality, then you could only be wasting your money by attracting the wrong audience. When you use this tool, you acquire the ability to determine the kind of traffic you are getting. It attaches a traffic quality score to the links to help you figure out if the quality is very low or high enough.

Countdown Timer:

Countdown Timer is an important feature of ClickMagick , but it is beneficial, especially for those who want to make quick sales, especially with offers like discounts. You can add this timer to all your links to get the fast conversions.

Link Uptime Monitoring:

Your links need to be continuously monitored to ensure they remain functional. Links tend to go down frequently, and if you don’t realize this, you will end up sending traffic to links that aren’t working, and that can turn out to be a very costly mistake.

Content locking:

With this feature, you can give your users the different types of content you have. You can add some conditions like the users giving you their email addresses, or you can use other platforms like social media to provide them with the content. You have to make sure that your content is very valuable and relevant to the audience you’re attracting.

Pop-ups creation:

Most people associate pop-ups with annoyance, but they can also be handy. There have been instances where pop-ups have generated the most revenue for a business. Creating pop-ups with this tool is very simple and affordable. You can create pop-ups that appear when a page loads or one that comes up after a specified duration. The pop up can then disappear when the user leaves the page.


If you have been looking for the Best Link Tracking Software, then try ClickMagick. The tool is easy to understand and use. It is reliable, and it delivers excellent results. Its wide application options also make it great for different users, including bloggers and affiliate marketers.

E-commerce owners, consultants, and solo ad sellers can also benefit significantly from using this tool. The fact that the owners of the software offer additional help for those who need it adds to the simple use of the tool. However, it is not very ideal for new online marketers because it can be confusing. The functionality of the software is also based on the availability of traffic. This means that it will not work if you have not attracted enough traffic yet.


The ClickMagick software has a good interface that is easy to understand and follow, but it also comes with a proper guide that will help you learn how to use it effectively. If it’s your first time using an online marketing tool, then you should first read the available guides before you start using it. Even though the features offer a wide range of performance, you shouldn’t try to use all of them at once. You can choose any of the subscription options, but before that, make sure you use the trial period.

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