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Aweber Tutorial


How to create an Aweber Account❓

  • Go to and click on signup button as shown below.
01 aweber signup
  • You have to fill all the details in the form your name, email address, phone number, billing details etc.
02 awber details
03 monthly aweber
04 awber service agreement
  • After that an email confirmation message sends to your email account. You have to confirm your email address and your account will be created.
  • Below is your Aweber Dashboard.
05 awber dashboard

How to create an Email List in Aweber❓

  • First of all, on the top click on Manage Lists.
06 manage lists
  • After that click on Create A List.
07 cretae a list
  • When you click on “Create A List” below form appear and you have to provide the details.
  • In the company name field, you have to provide your brand name.
  • In the company website field, you have to provide your company’s website URL. If you don’t have a website or you don’t want to provide your website URL here then leave it is blank.
  • When you send an email to your email list, it is mandatory for email service providers to provide your address in the footer of the email to your email subscribers. You have to use the same email address as you provide at the time of billing or you can also choose a different address.
  • In the sender name field, you can use your personal name or your brand name.
  • In the sender email field, you can use your google, yahoo email address or business email address. But I highly recommend you to use your business email address.
  • After that click on the next step.
08 fill details
09 business email aweber
  • In the list name field, provide a name that is associated with the brand you promote. For example if you want to promote the weight loss product then name your list as weight loss, lose weight, etc.
  • Provide a little bit description in the list description box and then click the next step.
10 keto diet aweber
  • Leave the settings as it is and click on “Approve Message and Create List”. Then your list will be created.
  • Your list will be shown on the dashboard. You can also check your list by clicking on the “Manage Lists” tab on the top and you will find your list.
11 create list aweber

How to import emails to your Email List❓

  • You can create as many lists as you can depending on your product services or category. If you have multiple lists then on the top on the left side you find an active list drop-down menu and change your list from here.
  • If you want to import the emails to your particular list, then from the drop-down menu choose that list.
  • After that, on the top you find subscribers tab. Click on it, a drop-down menu will appear and you have to click on add subscribers.
12 aweber add subscriber
  • Two options will appear either you can add it manually or you can import it. I can go with the import option.
13 import aweber email
  • I can go with the first option. I can add my email subscribers through notepad or .txt file. Click on the button “Click to browse” to upload your email list.
14 paste
  • Once the list is imported you can choose any option and then click on the button “Confirm Opt-in”.
15 add all
  • You don’t need to send a confirmation message to join my list and then click on “More Options”.
16 no option
  • Click on add tags. Tags will help you to provide a particular message to a particular audience. For example – you are in the “Health & Fitness” niche, then you can create tags like lose weight, yoga, fitness, etc. When you have to send your message to the audience who is interested in lose weight you have to apply tags like lose weight. You don’t need to create a separate list for all these niches.
  • Then click on “Background Info”.
17 add tags aweber
  • You have to provide the information from where you get these subscribers. I can go with the first option and provide the URL of my website.
  • If you import your list from the other email service provider then click yes otherwise no.
  • Then Click on “Submit your import”.
18 sign on website
  • Your import is processing and takes sometime to show in the dashboard.
19 import sucess
  • After that on the left side of the top click on dashboard. Scroll down and you find your subscribers have been added.
20 dash

How to send emails to your Email List❓

  • Go to Aweber dashboard and click on “Create a Message”, a drop-down menu will appear and click on “Drag & Drop Email Builder”.
01 send message
  • Below is “Drag & Drop Email Builder”. On the left all drag and drop options available. You have to create your email message in this window. After you create a message, click on the top right button “Preview & Test” to test your email message. After you test it, on the bottom right, click on the button “Save and Exit” to save your message and exit the email builder.
02 message editor
  • Now your message is created. Click on schedule button to send an email broadcast.
03 send aweber
  • Keep the broadcast settings as it is and click on send message now.
04 pop up aweber
  • A pop-up will appear as shown below and click on “send now” button.
05 yes
  • Now your email broadcast is sent to your email subscribers and afterward broadcast summary will appear.
06 analytics aweber

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